Proud partner of Colorado UpLift and There With Care
Proud partner of Colorado UpLift and There With Care
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About Us

Our Bloody Mary bar has been a hit at our annual Thanksgiving party for years. Soon, enough of our friends encouraged us to bottle it, so we decided to get some independent feedback. We entered our first Bloody Mary Festival on a whim and produced 14 gallons of mix in our kitchen the night before the event. More than 500 people showed up to the EXDO Events Center in Denver and voted us second among bottled mixes in the competition. Immediately following the festival, we were in a commercial kitchen and off to the local farmers market. 

The Bloody Mary Co mix is unique because it uses fresh, all-natural ingredients and holds its garden flavor profile as a stand-alone drink or when mixed with booze as a cocktail. Five fresh peppers give our Spicy mix the heat other consumer mixes fall short of delivering, while our fresh carrots and celery are on the forefront of the Original flavor.

It was important to keep our ingredient list simple and sodium levels low because I never liked the salt-bomb and unbalanced flavors of other mixes. Peppers provide an authentic spice rather than using hot sauces and we let the veggies do the talking rather than the forward-tasting vinegar, horseradish and Worcestershire sauce I was used to. 

People always ask why we use 16 oz bottles for our Bloody Mary Co product. The answer's simple - even as a bloody guy there were always leftovers that took up shelf space in my refrigerator and went bad. Sixteen ounces is a perfect size for two or three drinks so you won't have food waste and the drink is always fresh. Not to mention, most fresh products only stay good for two weeks after they are opened.